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Ways To Keep Sex Life Fresh

  • Intimacy is more than just sex. Set aside special times to be intimate with one another, for example, cooking together, setting aside times to give each other massages, reading to one another, dance lessons, etc. It is so easy in this busy world to become like ‘business’ partners or roommates, each of you attending to the daily tasks of running a home, family and a career.
  • Communicate.   Let your spouse know your sexual likes and dislikes in a non-confrontational way. The more both of you become more comfortable communicating your needs, the more likely you are to experiment and try new things—no one is to blame for a stale sex life but those who give up on their sex lives without giving it their all
  • Override predictability.  Shake things up by each of you making a list of 10 things you would like to try in or out of the bedroom and placing all of the ideas in a hat. Draw a couple per week from the hat and replenish monthly; this is sure to keep the excitement going all year long.

Fulfill Those Fantasies

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We all have hidden sexual desires, and unleashing them can be the remedy to a flailing sex life. Typical male fantasies include giving and receiving oral sex and having sex with more than one person, while for women it may involve having sex in an exotic location or being treated as a princess. However, you must be careful, as your fantasies may be deemed as unsuitable. Ensure that your partner is okay with the idea before trying anything.

Start Dating Again

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Making a date is a good idea if you currently have a busy schedule, and, although a spontaneous get together can seem exciting, a scheduled rendezvous can be just as exhilarating. Try setting a time each week, or, if that is not possible, once every two weeks, as long as both partners are okay with this. You can go out for a romantic meal, to the cinema or just have a night in on the couch. Make sure you treat it as a real date, or it will likely be a waste of time.